I am a PhD researcher in the Critical Medical Humanities, based at the Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University.

My research is inspired by my own lived experience as well as by many years of voluntary work with healthcare charities, organisations, and patient groups.

My current project, which is generously funded by Wellcome, focuses on experiences of poorly-understood medical conditions.

You can find out more, and see how to get involved, by visiting my Current Project page.

Read my latest blog posts:

Complex, poorly-understood medical conditions: A working definition

Many illnesses are complex, and too many health conditions – especially those primarily affecting cisgender women – lack the research funding that could unlock answers and reveal treatments. However, if I may butcher that oft-cited adage from George Orwell: many illnesses are poorly understood, but some illnesses are more poorly understood than others. What do…

Interview study: Image description

I have launched a survey where you can express an interest in taking part in an interview with me as part of my PhD project. To share this information widely on social media, I made an image detailing the most important points: The image contains a fair amount of text, and the image description was…

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