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Complex, poorly-understood medical conditions: A working definition

Many illnesses are complex, and too many health conditions – especially those primarily affecting cisgender women – lack the research funding that could unlock answers and reveal treatments. However, if I may butcher that oft-cited adage from George Orwell: many illnesses are poorly understood, but some illnesses are more poorly understood than others. What doContinue reading “Complex, poorly-understood medical conditions: A working definition”


‘The mind, the body, and the shadowlands in between’ – public lecture

On 7th October 2020, I gave a public lecture as part of Durham University’s Late Summer Lecture Series. The 2020 series carried the theme ‘Body and Mind’, and my presentation was entitled ‘The mind, the body, and the shadowlands in between’. I rerecorded the lecture in May 2021, using my original transcript and powerpoint presentation.Continue reading “‘The mind, the body, and the shadowlands in between’ – public lecture”

Both sides now

This reflective research blog begins with the immortal words of Joni Mitchell, which have also inspired its title: I’ve looked at life from both sides nowFrom win and lose, and still somehowIt’s life’s illusions I recallI really don’t know life at all. In September 2008 I caught a ‘flu-like virus and became very unwell veryContinue reading “Both sides now”

A Tale of Two Illnesses

It’s December 2019, and I have a sore throat. It’s nothing serious, I tell myself, as I gulp water and suck Strepsils. Two weeks later, my throat still stubbornly sore, I contemplate a visit to the GP. I know the acronyms written all over my medical records – ME, CFS – and I know theContinue reading “A Tale of Two Illnesses”

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